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KETCHUP V/S CHUTNEYS: Why do we have to take vitamin-mineral supplements?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Over the last few decades, there has been a major shift in our eating patterns across the globe. The fast-

paced lives we lead, leaves us with a very short span to time to understand, learn and explore our

traditional food wisdom. And the results are quite detrimental.

We are slowly but steadily moving towards becoming the World’s most obese country. We are already the Diabetic Capital of the Globe and the level of malnutrition (especially micronutrient i.e. vitamin & mineral deficiencies) is continuously on rise. To sum it up, when we shifted from our traditional goodness, we lost nutrition!

Let’s take the example of our good old chutneys – tamarind, coriander, mint, kulith, til, coconut, daliya,

peanuts and on and on.

We shifted to the standard Tomato ketchup/ sauce and then the schezwan chutney, vinegar and soy sauce entered. Here is what we gained from this shift -

“When we shifted from our traditional goodness, we lost nutrition!"

What do sauces and ketchups contain?

🗙 Preservatives (lead to imbalances at various levels in the body)

🗙 Call for lifestyle diseases like hypertension (these chutneys are high in sodium based chemicals)

🗙 Welcomed food colours ( many of which are known carcinogens)

🗙 Ensured high intake of sugar...Aha invitation to...

  1. Fungal infections like mucormycosis

  2. Diabetes (medications, food restrictions, low on energy)

  3. PCOS (menstrual pain, irregulated periods, facial hair)

  4. Obesity (consistent weight gain)

  5. Hypothyroid (low metabolism, dark and patchy skin, body odour, hairfall)

“Switch back to our traditional home-made chutneys and say bye to Vitamin B12, folic acid and B6"


Switch back to our traditional home-made chutneys and say bye to Vitamin B12, folic acid and B6

deficiency. Stay FREE from body aches, fatigue, hairfall, dull skin, digestive issues, tingling sensations in

feet, mouth sores, mood changes and weak immunity.

Nutrition lies in these small tricks that were smartly weaved into our daily lives. Let us pledge

not to give up on them and make our country a healthier one.

- By Niti Dhulla

Owner and Founder at Online Nutrition Consultancy “NutriDietByNitiDhulla”

(Gold Medalist in Foods Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Acupressure Therapist)

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