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रसमुलानि व्याधयः ||

A healthy diet when eaten peacefully - forms the core of our program. We provide you with a large variety of meal options along with exclusive guidelines for special occasions/ meetings, trips, work travel and festivities.

The most important benefit is that the meals are suited to your culture, climate, location and your prakriti.

The plan does not require buying expensive, niche products or cooking fancy recipes and definitely is not restrictive.

Worry Less, Relish More


निद्रायत्तं सुखं बलाबलम्

वृषता ज्ञानमज्ञानं जीवितं न च ||

Our lifestyle can have huge impact on our health and thus on our fitness goals too.

Many common lifestyle conditions can be corrected to a large extent by taking small steps at improvising lifestyle.

The idea is to customize these lifestyle modifications such that they are well suited to your work and other commitments. 

Modify to Healthify


व्यायामात् लभते स्वास्थ्यं दीर्घायुष्यं बलं सुखं ||

'Exercise' sounds scary because most people think, it is 

hours of doing difficult exercises.

What if I tell you,

that it is not?

Exercise is challenging your body based on your physical capacity without making it super tiring. Based on your liking, we create an exercise regime that fits your schedule and makes you feel light as a feather 

Results, not Excuses


योगः वृत्ति निरोधः ||

Our mind and body are closely inter-related.

Our thoughts have the power to impact our physical health, for instance, when we are angry,

our heart races, we sweat a lot and our body temperature rises.

Powerful techniques of relaxation can help us deal with tricky situations without feeling anxious or worried, thus reducing stress levels and increasing productivity. Calming oneself is the first step towards better digestion.

Detox the Mind, Live Worthwhile



Weight Loss

Focusing on losing weight but not on gaining good health is a big loss

(in the long run)!

Yes, it is. Weight loss must be accompanied by improvements in energy levels, mood, sugar cravings, hormones, digestion & ability to exercise. And most importantly it has to be sustainable or long-lasting. But are you on a diet that can be followed forever?

Not yet?

Join us now!

Weight Gain

It can be a real challenge to gain weight in the right way. To feel light and not skinny! To look strong and not bulky!

But is it easy? Is it required?

Yes! yes!

Do you have to keep eating till the point of feeling pukish? Do you have to take protein powders and milkshakes?

No! No!

Find the easy way out

Consult now!  

Kids Nutrition

Let's groom them - Give them wings to fly and Roots to Stand Tall.

We invest in the best school & classes, but what about their health? If we train kids to be smart & competent, is it not equally important to teach them about health eating habits? What about physical activity in this digital world and how to select the right kind of training appropriate to their age?

Get the right guidance.

Start now!


Nutrition for Preconception and during Pregnancy

You start building a life right at the womb. So let's build it strong, smart and resilient. Nutrition for the growing fetus and for the soon to-be moms play a big role in their health status later on in life. Good nutrition and care can help mothers in getting fit post pregnancy and lead to optimum growth and development of the new born

Bust your myths and get reliable information

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Sports Nutrition

Fueling our body with the right foods at the right time makes a lot of difference in the exercise performance.

Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition can help to prevent injuries and thus help to optimize fitness levels.

Based on variables like competition calendar, type of training, duration of training, body composition, season/ climate, food and activity must be modified.

Get fit and fabulous. 

Let's go now!

Nutrition for PCOS & hormonal health

Acne! Facial Hair! Stomach cramps! Heavy Flow! Irregular periods! Dull skin!

Being on medication for hormonal imbalance can be challenging and accompanied with multiple long term side effects.

Balanced diet, lifestyle guidance and exercise regime  will help to reverse hormonal imbalance and lead a pain-free life & bring that glow back to your face.

But the trick here is to start early.

Don't delay, book your appointment now!


Diabetes, Hypothyroid, High Cholesterol

& Other Lifestyle Conditions

Popping a pill to deal with one ailment but landing up with a few more?

Lifestyle conditions are surrounded with so many myths. Simple and age-old traditional food wisdom has potential to provide relief. With right guidance and planning, it can even help to reverse some of these ailments fully. But the trick is to consult a qualified health professional.

Enroll now! 

Quality Time

Gut Health

IBS, hyperacidity, constipation, Wheat allergy, (Gluten intolerance & Celiac Disease), Autoimmune conditions, IBD, ulcers, diverticulitis, Food allergies, infections

"Gut is the second brain" says modern medical science and rightly so. We believe that so many small and huge health concerns can be dealt with by improvising one's gut health. Strong gut can help build strong immunity, concentration and even for weight loss.

However, it requires indepth understanding of human body to build strong gut. And we are here to help!

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