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We offer a wide range of courses on Nutrition conducted by our Founder-Owner of NutriDietbyNitiDhulla, an online nutrition consultancy,  a Registered Dietitian (AIR-3) and Gold Medalist in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Mumbai, Dietitian Niti Dhulla. She has experience of working in renowned hospitals, with celebrity nutritionists and is herself aces in treating patients with a combination of Modern Nutrition Science and Traditional Food Wisdom! She is passionate about her teaching and the courses depict a combination of Research Based, Cutting Edge Nutritional Facts and Data with Exclusive Insights from her Past Clinical Cases and an exceptionally Practical Approach which pushes you to dive beyond the bookish information ! Learn to ace your nutrition consultations like a niche professional !

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A course that is designed to enlighten dietitians and healthcare professionals about the types of supplements, it's safety, requirements and dosages for active population, clinical conditions and supplement recommendations and so on. It equips the professional to make independent choice of supplement for their clientele accurately thus providing best result in the client's health journey. 


This course is meant to provide healthcare practitioners and dietitians with all the relevant and state of art updates on the burning topic of gut health. In-depth understanding of anatomy physiology of small and large intestine & it's role, regulators of GI activity: The 3 Ns, all about GI hormones, digestion & absorption of carbohydrates & fiber, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals, colonic salvage. It equips them with the key to mastering gut conditions especially IBD and IBS which is of concern to roughly 11% of the population globally.

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Do you find it difficult to understand how the values on the blood report relate to our body and the disease conditions? Is it difficult to judge a patient's health status when you read blood reports? Then, this is your chance to become an Expert at Accurately Interpreting Blood Tests! Learn all about correlation between blood results, different organ systems, clinical conditions, electrolytes, practical case studies and much more !


With easy accessibility of medications and multiple clinical conditions demanding consumption of pills on a routine basis, it is essential to understand the impact of these pills/ drug on our diet and nutrition. Starting with types of interactions to mode of interactions, drugs and alcohol interactions, to detailed analysis of which drug interacts with which nutrient/ food and vice versa. This course covers what Nutritionist and Healthcare practitioner of current times must be absolutely well versed with !



A course that is all about Autoimmune conditions, understanding Research-based MNT guidelines & learning about how to handle autoimmune cases practically from a Registered Dietitian!

From Introduction, Etiology, Pathophysiology, Signs and Symptoms, Nutrients of Importance to Functional Foods and Phytochemicals to Practical Nutritional Recommendations & Practical Lifestyle Recommendations!


As a Dietitian or a Healthcare practitioner, managing diabetes mellitus can be tricky. It requires in-depth understanding of pancreas, it's functioning, role of insulin, types of insulin, glucose utilisation in human body, diagnosis, assessment, medical management, complications, treatment goals, medical nutrition therapy, role of diabetic educator, diabetic food exchanges, carbohydrate counting, sick day plan, meal planning & patient counselling 

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A comprehensive series of 4 session which includes -

1. Books every Dietitian must refer    

2. How to become RD in India - Eligibility & Process

3. The 3S of case studies - Substance, Sequence, Sui Generis

4. How to prepare for RD exams                                            


A course designed to guide Dietitians and Health care practitioners to understand everything about basics of sports nutrition, right from introduction, types of exercise & types of muscles, periodization of sports activity, modes of energy production, energy systems in sports, spectrum of energy to crossover concept of fuel metabolism, effect of exercise on body systems, metabolic causes of fatigue, energy requirements of athletes and macro nutrients including - Carbohydrate: glycogen Loading/ carbohydrate supercompensation, Protein: Glucose - Alanine Cycle, Fat: fat use in exercise training

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