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Niti’s guidance has helped me traverse a very long and sometimes painful journey of abdominal pain. When all tests proved nothing was wrong with my body and there was no infection, I turned to Niti for help. She helped me implement a complete lifestyle change, which included food habits, timings, gym workouts, exercise and yoga. 

Besides her guidance on lifestyle changes, Niti helped me develop positive mindset. Niti never left me alone on my journey, there was a continuous line of communication and she provided me continuous feedback and demonstrated a lot of patience to understand my specific health needs. She even went to the extent of helping me organising my kitchen and the type of utensils I should use.

I would highly recommend Niti if you are looking to make a remarkable change to your lifestyle.

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Abdominal Pain & Acidity

Trupti Parikh,
IT professional,

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Acne & PCOS

Don't start a diet that has an expiration date

Develop a healthy lifestyle that will last forever

Nirali Gogri,
Center Cordinator
at Adhata Trust


One of the best dietician one could ever have❤️ Having fried and cheesy food items and still losing weight is one of the best thing in the world.

Truly you are the best dietician and a person who moulds the diet according to our preference which is rare with others.

"Just happy with the results and enjoying my meal and diet everyday", the rare thing you can hear from a person who is on a diet.

Thank you so much for helping me to get in a better figure❤️

Riddhi Vora, 23, Mumbai

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | PCOS, Asthma, Acidity

Juveria Diwan, 24, Homemaker

Throughout my life I tried different methods to lose weight and frankly speaking I hated it, as I ended up eating more calories than usual.

After my wedding I started to gain loads of weight especially around lower abdominal region and hips but that didn’t bother me until I got diagnosed with PCOD which made me get up from my seat and visit a gynecologist who told me to lose weight.

With the grace of Lord, I met you, Niti.

Now what should I say about you. You have inspired me a lot. There is not a single moment I don’t think about you. Thank you for not restricting my diet or changing my sleeping schedule. Your guidance helped me to change my eating habits and my lifestyle.
You changed my lifestyle by adding homemade fresh foods, seasonal fruits, dry fruits and nuts rather than eating ready-to-eat oats, ready-made poha or Dosa or idli, chips.
I used to get up early to eat over-night soaked raisins which helped me with my hormones and eat breakfast before my family get up so that I don’t stay hungry in the morning for too long.
Niti, I love you for changing my thinking that I need to diet or have to lose weight. You just focused on my life-style changed which automatically made my weight drop, my acne got vanished. I felt so good. Even my family started to follow me. As I was not eating from outside, my family started to avoid bringing outside food.
Niti, you are very professional with a very overwhelming compassion towards clients. Constantly chatting with me and motivating to do the exercise which I am still lazy about.
I still remember how many questions I used to ask you about PCOS, Insulin resistance, food, fruits etc. thank you for keeping patience and answering in simple language. You have extremely knowledgeable about nutrition.
Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals and maintain my changed- personal lifestyle. I just want to say that when you have good guidance not many restriction even when you alone you can follow the diet and maintain the lifestyle.
Our 2 months course has really changed my life and my mindset; not only I have lost weight, acne, mood swings but also I have developed a lifestyle change. It is amazing to feel energetic and not sluggish which I was before I met you.
Thank you for introducing indian snacks like poha, dosa, idli, poha with curd (yummy). Thank you giving my additional guidance for my breathlessness, headache, acidity, cold, cough. You guided me to avoid PAN-D and eat curd, gulkhand for my acidity.
For me evening nap was must, you changed my evening nap to afternoon nap so that I can sleep peacefully in night. You gave me alternative like if you cannot exercise then just climb the stairs.
You told me to eat fresh food as fresh foods take lesser time to digest compare to stale foods. Thank you for introducing jiggery in my life to curb my sweet craving. Best Dietician ❤

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss for athlete

Shilpa Chheda,

Dear Niti,

First of all..

Wanna say Thank you..

For every answer, anytime with enthusiasm...on msg or call...

For insightful guidance on any query, be it big or small...

For your deep ingrained passion for fitness and dietary over all...

For in depth knowledge of varieties of food intake; traditional and nutrition as well...

For your professional planning on healthy lifestyle; simple to follow and easy to install...

For your intentions, motives and diet plans being forsighted and vital...

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors lined up in all...

Thank you !

Warm regards,

Shilpa Chheda

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Cystic Fibrosis, Gall bladder removal, Weight loss, Anxiety

for Perfection !

Dipika Surve, Teacher, Mumbai
(Mother of Aarav)

If we want our kids to indulge in healthy eating habits then, it should start right from their first food...It will help to boost their immunity and also in their physical development...As a Mother, I feel blessed to have NITI DHULLA as my Child Nutritionist. She is Full Package of Talent, Expertise, Hardwork and a Good Listener...All her sessions are very well planned, She provides Simple, Easy to Cook and Nutritionally loaded Baby Food Recipes, which works well with Working Mom like me.
Thanks Niti

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss post surgery

Parth Lodaya, 24, Mumbai

I started with NutriDiet in December 2017 and I must say thay she is a great mentor and indeed a perfect dietitian that I was in search of from a long time. I would like to express my Gratitude and thankfulness for the amazing expertise gained from her.

She tailor-made a routine plan for me that I could easily follow up with my regular life standards. She was always there to motivate me and keep my spirit high, she believed in me that I can do it.

No matter how much I thank her, it would be less. She has made a complete transformation of me. Thankyou, keep up the great work and keep spreading fitness around you!

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Tuberculosis, Weight gain

My life changed since the day
I met Niti !!!
I beat 
Tuberculosis and gained weight too !

Rachi Paradkar, Gujarat

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight gain

Nitiksha Vyas, Accountant

It's really good to know Dietician Niti Dhulla as I gained kgs in just 5 months by your online diet program.

Ma'am, you gave me a confidence as before I can't even think of gain a kg from my side.

You are really wonderful dietician who works hard with your clients for giving maximum results.

Thank you so much mam😊😊

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Hyperprolactinemia, Weight loss

Henal Chheda Mamaniya, Fashion Designer

Thanks for introducing me to a new HEALTHY lifestyle. We have wrong perceptions, beliefs about diet and you corrected all of them. Thanks for your patience, support and motivation. It was a great journey. Cheers to the new healthy lifestyle. Keep it up and all the very best

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss post pregnancy

Zamar Chinde, 24, Home-maker

Hey Niti, I can't thank you enough for being my guide, I was 52 kgs when I got pregnant and following traditions and listening to elders, I ate without being mindful and gained around 18 kgs throughout pregnancy

From the start I knew it won't be good for my health as I could see I was less active and lethargic doing few chores.

I was confused if I should take help then I thought of contacting you and you came as miracle.

I've now lost around 10 kgs in around 4 months (not being very consistent at start though) which is no less, I feel very light and active now and the best part is it's just about the choices and portion control and I don't have to cook separate meals for myself also with workout I feel so good that it's in my routine now...Can't thankyou enough, you're best coach one can have☺️❤️

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Hypertension

My story with Niti ma'am started in November 2021.

I called her because I wanted to get some muscle tone in body and want to be physically fit. At that time I was on BP medication 💊 

After our talk she said that she will give me customised diet plan and first I want to get off my BP💊medication.

I thought is it possible because I was taking it from past 5 years.

Rajashree Bhandarkar, Entrepreneur

I decided to follow her plan and within four months time i was off with my BP medication and is feeling physically and mentally fit. I am soooooo happy💃.
What I like about her is that She will give you to eat in your diet whatever is local, seasonal and traditional according to your region. So, at that time after eating your local dishes you feel more happy💃.
What I learnt from her is that "Include small changes in your daily diet to gain a bigger change"
Thank you so much Niti ma'am for your support and making me look and feel physically and mentally fit.

I started with NutriDiet by Niti Dhulla in June 2017 & I must say U r a grt mentor and indeed a perfect dietitian I was always looking for..!! Ty so much for this amazing experience I never thought I can do this & That to very easily ur continuous motivation n perfect plan and the positive attitude has helped to make this transformation journey so easy n beautiful thanks a ton.. Keep doing this grt work keep encouraging us..

Stay healthy stay fit

Dr. Bhakti Bhanushali, Mumbai

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Preconceptual nutrition

Darshita Shah,

I started with NutriDiet by Niti Dhulla in June 2017 & I must say U r a grt mentor and indeed a perfect dietitian I was always looking for..!!

Ty so much for this amazing experience I never thought I can do this & That to very easily ur continuous motivation & perfect plan and the positive attitude has helped to make this transformation journey so easy & beautiful

Thanks a ton...

Keep doing this grt work keep encouraging us...

Stay healthy stay fit...

Completed 12 hours of Run in 

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Marathon runner
NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Marathon runner

Dharmesh Thakker, Businessman and Avid Cyclist

Completed 53 kms of run in 12 hours on this Saturday, Timing slab was morning 5 am to evening 5 pm, Venue was University Stadium Marine Drive, Climate was full humidity and temperature was 40°C. The arrangements were average, No stretching or Therapy, Hydration was good, Snack and Food was as per Athlete's diet.

Did 53 kms in 11 hours (As per rules, we have to be 11 hours on track). Day before the run, restless travelling was an issue, but diet and water intake were as per your instructions. 

My passion for running, balanced diet plans suggested by you and my wife's support made me complete this task successfully. Thank you, Niti Dhulla !

Our body is capable of transforming,
It's the mind we have to convince

Pratik Bhanushali, Lawyer & Owner of Valram Pratik, Gujarat

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss
NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss, PCOS

Nishibrata Hazarika, Research Scholar,

Niti Di, she has been the best thing that happened to me in this programme. Honestly, the way I could connect to her dedicated explanations towards diet and lifestyle changes did make a difference that I surely call it a 'Change'.

And on a personal note, I could connect to her at so many different levels. Never perceived her to be a coach but a real guide to hold on to. Her approach to explain me the use of different utensils and how it affects us or does good to us is something that is really striking of all the consultations so far I had with her.

I mean she just tells 'details' that are worth taking a note because they are such things that we in our day to day life don't realise, because no one ever told us and in the process we end up continuously damaging our body (by default).
Thank you Niti Di. I respect what you are doing. It's touched lives. You are able to do that. I honour your passion. Please continue doing the good. And I really really hope we keep in touch forever. Forever! I can't miss out on losing you and your 'nuskas' on details to make living and eating better."

Vandana Jain, Professional

To Dear Niti,

So it all started on 7th June, 2021. Initially when I spoke to my Nutritionist Dt. Niti Dhulla, I was totally impressed by her looks and the way she spoke to me. The way she framed her trust on me that I will be able to do this. Yes I am talking about the diet plan, the nightmare I used to have that I won't be able to conquer this, but Niti accepted it all and she was like - I am there, Vandana !! 

Just feel free to be you !! Not in terms of my diet but also anything I used to experience, the guardian angel of my two months program. Obviously, she helped me in my diet, and made me understand the right way to tackle meal gaps which I used to have. I started having proper quantity meals within every 2 hours. I didn't have my MAGGIEE for entire 2 months because I had NO CRAVINGS, no hunger pangs striked me to have maggiee because I had tons of options ready for me.

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss

It's just like a miracle for me because I myself wouldn't have controlled my cravings for Maggiee. But Niti managed everything including me.

I just want to give her Bigg Thanks that she believed in me, made me follow her plan very

co-operatively. I was always full of options when it came to my diet. Lastly.....

Love you Niti❤️



Dishita Chheda, 18, Rhythmic Gymnast

Hey Niti,

Thank you for the guidance and diet plans..

Which helped me in improve my food habits..

Could know my body more better..

Improvement in stamina and strength has made my routines and performance reach next level..

Thanks !



NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Rhytmic gymnast
NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss

If it doesn't challenge you,
It doesn't change you

Bhavini Lodaya, Journalist, Feature Writer & Anchor

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Nutrition for Elderly

Mrs. Shah, Professional, Mumbai

I contacted you for Mom when she was completely down and out. She didn't feel like eating, no energy, no strength to talk. Simply no zist in life, After she was put on high BP medications and antacids. With your 3 months plan, I have felt changes in her voice, in her energy levels, interest in things....taking care of her health...

Loads of love and wishes to you for bringing her back to life, atleast putting her on that path 🙏🥰🥰😘😘

I am following all the diet tips and it's helping me immensely😍😀

Tremendous changes I have seen in my life

1. My periods were happening once in a year and now I am getting it once in 3 months

2. My depression and laziness is no more. Now I am always energetic, active and happy

3. My blood pressure became normal


One year made a lot of difference after consulting with you Ma'am😊😍

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | PCOS, Weight Loss, Hypertension

Arpitha Chaman, Professional, Karnataka

NutriDietbyNitiDhulla | Weight loss

My Experience with Niti was amazing.

She helped me in understanding my body and how can it be made better.

Her diet was easy to follow.

She made sure she includes my favourite food in it.

I not only lost weight but also realised how to eat in moderation and stay happy while eating what I love.

Hetal Shah,
Lecturer, Mumbai

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