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Dieting is a play of mind I believe. Very often, when we follow strict diets, the want or the craving to move away from it is higher. These cravings build up gradually; cheat meals are converted to cheat days and the road back to healthy eating keeps getting longer and longer. Have you been through this too? Strangely, most of us tend to commit such mistakes. This is what I call as a “Diet Blunder”. But do you know what is the Biggest Diet Blunder that all of us commit?

Well, it is the full-blown concept of having Fusion Foods – where foods from more than one cuisine are eaten together in the same meal. Each and every day, more and more experimentations are being done to combine different cuisines together in order to keep up th ever increasing demand for novelty. While this might not seem like a huge concern to many, it actually is. How? Read on.

“Fusion foods are those which belong to different cuisines but are often eaten together in the same meal”

Why is eating 'Fusion Foods' a diet blunder?

Each cuisine is uniquely designed to have it’s own set of specific recipes, style of cooking, spices, core ingredients (cherry of the recipe) and is conducive to the climate and local food of the area where the cuisine is being consumed. Say for example, Dal Bati Churma from Rajasthan, Nolen gur from Bengal, Coconut chutney with sambhar and Idli from the South and Chole Bhature from the North.

We have all experienced this – when we mix foods from more than two cuisine together, we end up feeling heavier, bloated and definitely do not have the best bowel movement the next day. This is a clear indication of the kind of havoc mixed meals can wreak on our guts.

We are very likely to end up eating combinations which are not recommended as per Ayurveda (“Viruddh Aahar” = Incompatible diet) when we eat foods from different cuisines together.

If we just look at our own diets we will be surprised at how often we tend to mix two cuisines at a meal. Ever ordered a Manchurian Dosa at a restaurant? Schezwan Paneer Frankie at a roadside food joint? And what about the times we attend events/ weddings or call guests over at home? And how about office/ school lunch?

How does it impact our body?

This blunder can make us feel low on energy, heavy, bloated, lead to acne-prone skin, can come in way of successful weight loss/ weight gain and totally leave us out of sync with our bodies. The best way to avoid it is to plan. Choose a day and a meal time when you would like to eat what to like. If possible do not address this day as your “cheat day” and this meal as your “cheat meal”. These are negative terms which should never be associated with eating. When we eat with an open mind and heart, we allow better digestion of food. Eating guilt-free is absolutely essential to staying fit.

What is the best way to avoid this blunder?

Make a list of things you would want try or eat in a month and then place them smartly on your off-days. This makes it very easy to have a better control while fully relishing your meals. Always stick to one cuisine and aim to have not more than 5 food items on your plate in one main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Rest assured, your gut will thank you!

- By Niti Dhulla

Owner and Founder at Online Nutrition Consultancy “NutriDietByNitiDhulla”

(Gold Medalist in Foods Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Acupressure Therapist)

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